Charlestown Township Municipal Building
11 General Warren Blvd., Suite 1, Malvern, PA
Tuesday, April 1, 2024


Frank A. Piliero, Chairman, Charles A. Philips, Vice Chairman, Kevin R. Kuhn, Lou is P. Rubinfield, and Hugh D. Willig.
Mark P. Thompson, Esq. and Daniel T. Wright P.E.
Chris Heleniak, Manager, Linda M. Csete, Treasurer, and Lisa Gardner, Recording Secretary.

Call to Order:

7:00 p.m.


The Board thanked Mrs. Gardner for her 12 years of service. She is retiring from the Recording Secretary position.

Citizens Forum

No subject was brought forward.


Mr. Kuhn moved to approve the reports listed below and Mr. Willig seconded. Mr. Piliero called for discussion, and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

  1. Minutes for the March 4, 2024, Business Meeting
  2. March 2024 Treasurer’s Report
  3. Accounts Payable Report - All Funds for April 1, 2024


Mr. Philips moved to accept the March 2024 reports #1-16 as submitted, and Mr. Willig seconded. Mr. Piliero called for discussion, and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

Mr. Philips stated that today there was a Design Review Committee meeting about the amenities at Spring Oak Village. Mr. Wright met with several reps and said the construction entrance would be left open as long as possible. The last home will be started this fall, then the trucks will begin leaving and the project will finish.

Old Business –


New Business

Video Conference – Parks with a Sustainable Future

The Board held a video conference with Ms. Rika Gopinath, a representative from Tonight’s focus was to present a partnership scenario for a pilot program to manage two sites within the Township using sustainable/organic land management.

Ms. Gopinath described a transition into organic land management at Charlestown Park and the Charlestown Mill. It is a systematic approach for natural grass and healthy soil that removes the synthetics from the process. The soil is reinvigorated with organic products that feed the soil’s microbiome.

  1. This science-based management begins with soil testing, the only cost to the Township.
  2. It requires a 2-year investment of time with healthy water sources.
  3. She mentioned training, consulting, check-ins, and opportunities to educate residents.
  4. A contractual partnership is signed.
  5. Any budget that is allocated to the application of synthetics is redirected to the new process depending on the site usage and expectations.
  6. Data is gathered, then contractors and staff are trained and integrated.

Mr. Willig asked clarifying questions about the implementation. Discussion followed regarding the characterization of the site, and agreements with the sports clubs. Lastly, Ms. Armstrong fielded questions from Mr. Piliero regarding the EAC’s plan to get the contractors and athletic groups onboard (since there is no lawn maintenance staff on the payroll). Mr. Heleniak will research the Township’s ability to regulate what clubs apply to the fields at Charlestown Park.

PA Turnpike Property Acquisition for Widening

Mr. Donald Blough, Vice President/Project Manager from AECOM Transportation, Mr. Ari Figueroa, Senior Engineer Project Manager for the PA Turnpike Commission, and Mr. Mike Leinheiser, P.E. of Urban Engineers, presented a plan for the acquisition of the Township’s 40-acre property at Phoenixville Pike and Yellow Springs Road. The Turnpike’s goal is to have 6 lanes from Philadelphia to PA Route 100.

Tonight, the reps were hoping for the Board to view the project favorably and give them the go-ahead to proceed. The acquisition would be used for storage of excess earth material waste that is related to the Turnpike’s Milepost 316-319 widening project in 2026. There is also another widening project for mileposts 320-324 scheduled for 2028. Both projects would use this land as a dumping site for mounding waste earth. Part of this original tract is already owned by the Turnpike.

The reps have coordinated with Mr. Wright for the Township’s proposed stormwater basin for the MS4 requirement. Several remarks came from the Board:

  1. Mr. Kuhn- The land was purchased by the Township in part to use as a buffer to the Turnpike since sound walls were not furnished for the residents nearby. The response was a sound study will be done.
  2. Mr. Philips- Suggest reps mound the dirt to buffer the noise. The response was that all bordering properties would need to agree and, in the past, that was not accomplished.
  3. Mr. Kuhn- The Township offers to recontact the 8 owners for the Turnpike Commission.
  4. Supervisors wondered why the reps don’t use the decommissioned TP maintenance building or dump the waste in local quarries as fill. They suggested contacting the quarries. The response that they are planning to use that site, but it is not large enough for all of the waste from the projects.
  5. Mr. Piliero suggested using the funds that were set aside for the land acquisition to pay the quarry or transport.
  6. Mr. Willig stated that taxpayer money was used to conserve the historical property.
  7. Mr. Kuhn and Mr. Bough discussed reaching out to property owners.
  8. Mr. Bough did not think the quarries were accepting fill, the Township Engineer believed they were.
  9. Mr. Leinheiser stated that there are special permits needed for dumping in a quarry.
  10. Mr. Bough suggested above-ground basins/swales for stormwater.
  11. Mr. Piliero stated the Township would send a letter to the 8 residents. The Township is interested in buffering, and Supervisor Piliero, Kuhn, Willig, and Philips said they were not interested in selling the property to the Turnpike Commission.

Resolution to Accept Valley Forge Sewer Authority Act 537 Special Study

Mr. Heleniak described a special study that DEP required due to Tredyffrin Township’s proposal to sell excess capacity and other municipalities’ need for additional capacity. Mr. Wright assured the Supervisors that all projections and capacity allocations for the Township are in order.

Mr. Kuhn moved to adopt Resolution #1055-24 accepting the Valley Forge Sewer Authority Act 537 Special Study dated November 2023, and Mr. Philips seconded. Mr. Piliero called for discussion, and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

Hertzfeld Settlement Agreement

Mr. Thompson said a settlement agreement had been worked out with the attorney for Mr. Floyd Hertzfeld that was acceptable to both sides. He summarized for the Supervisors’ consideration. The Ace Disposal Inc. operation will be permitted to continue at 1133 W. Valley Hill Road with these conditions:

  1. Mutual Release.
  2. Withdrawal and dismissal of enforcement notice and appeal.
  3. Limited Commercial Use is permitted until 12/31/25 with all materials removed from the property by 3/31/26.
  4. No nonconforming use of the property will be asserted based on the previous commercial use.
  5. Execution of a Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions to include a restriction on further subdivision, retaining one additional building lot, and use to comply with the Zoning Ordinance.

Mr. Philips moved to approve the Hertzfeld settlement agreement, and Mr. Kuhn seconded. Mr. Piliero called for discussion, and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

Ms. Armstrong asked about dumping. There is currently no dumping on the property although a permit generated in the 1960’s did historically allow it.

Charlestown Landscaping Proposal to Clear Frontage of Phoenixville Pike Property

Mr. Heleniak gave a brief review of the project and Mr. Wright agreed with the proposal. However, Mr. Kuhn would like this to be the “showcase” that was promised by the landscaper for this property.

Mr. Kuhn moved to accept the Charlestown Landscaping proposal dated 3/26/24 for $11,674 to clear the frontage along the Township-owned property on Phoenixville Pike, and Mr. Philips seconded. Mr. Piliero called for discussion, and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

Open Bids –Tree Work

The sole bid was opened for the 2024-2027 Tree Contract by Davey Tree Service. The Roadmaster has been pleased with this contractor’s performance. The bid was turned over to Mr. Wright for review and a recommendation for the contract award will be at the Board of Supervisors meeting scheduled for May 6, 2024.

Schedule Hearing to Amend Sewers and Sewage Disposal Ordinance

Mr. Heleniak described changes needed to Charlestown’s sewer and sewer disposal ordinance. The Valley Forge Sewer Authority has an industrial pretreatment program, and some chemical levels and permitting steps in our ordinance need to be updated to match the Authority’s rules and regulations.

The Board agreed to schedule a hearing to consider an amendment to the Sewers and Sewage Disposal Ordinance at their May 6th meeting.

Other Business

Mr. Wright will update the Board on repairs and funding for the Pickering Trail Bridge in response to a question from Mr. Willig.

There is a visit to Swiss Pines scheduled for the Supervisors this Saturday, April 6th.

Mr. Goodman was told that the Pickering Trail Pipeline is still in the permitting process.

Mr. Heleniak confirmed that AJ Blosenski Inc. has received the letter from the Township.


There being no other business, Mr. Piliero adjourned the meeting at 8:15 p.m. The next Business Meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 6, 2024, at 7 p.m., at 11 General Warren Blvd., Suite 1, Malvern, PA.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Gardner
Recording Secretary
sheet, 4/1/2024