Charlestown Township Office
11 General Warren Blvd. Suite 1, Malvern, PA
Thursday, April 18, 2024, 7 p.m.


Parks and Recreation:
Dan Mount, Chairperson, Scott Ammerman, Kyla McFadden, and Cordelia Kane. Chuck Barbera, Makinlee Fox, Stephanie Robinson, were absent.


Standing Items


Mr. Ammerman moved to approve the minutes for March, and Mr. Mount seconded. Mr. Mount called for discussion and there being none called the vote. All were in favor.

Township Events Announcements

Youth Sport Reports

Mr. O’Brien from PMYC provided via email:

There were no questions regarding the signage from the board.

Mr. Kaczmar from the Great Valley Mountain biking team provided via email:

Mr. McNamee from the PASC reported:

Trails Report

There were no updates this month.

Charlestown Township Park and Brightside Farm Update

The spring inspection of Charlestown Park took place in the middle of April. The pedestrian bridge was again highlighted as a concern. Mr. Mount will request a review from the township engineer to identify the next steps.

EAC Updates

Ms. Armstrong informed the board that on May 2 the EAC will be working in the riparian buffer at Brightside Park to repair trees and plants.

Mr. Ammerman thanked the EAC and volunteers for the Charlestown Road cleanup.

There was additional discussion on efforts to engage with more volunteers for Parks & Recreation and EAC projects. Mr. Rubinfield suggested engaging with township HOA leaders to post events and volunteer requests within the HOA communication groups.

Ms. Armstrong provided details on the Pennsylvania Native Species Day on May 16th at Brightside Park. Information will be available regarding native and invasive species that residents might come across. Master watershed stewards will be on site providing educational sessions.

Old Business

Charlestown Park & Rec To-Do List

Ms. Kane will provide the board with the dimensions to cover the cistern by the Pickering Trail. There was additional discussion regarding what may be required to fully cover the cistern opening.

New Business

Girl Scout Gold Award Project Proposal

Ms. Singh, a local Girl Scout working on her Gold Award, provided the board with a proposed project at Charlestown Park to enhance the park, promote biodiversity, sustainability and community involvement:

Mr. Mount highlighted that the gazebo may require a building permit, with additional information surrounding permits available on the township website.

Mr. Mount asked for more information on the care and maintenance of the native plantings. Ms. Singh will work with her mentor to identify plantings that are mostly maintenance free and deer resistant.

Ms. Kane highlighted the long term maintenance of the gazebo. The proposal would have the gazebo made of a sustainable low maintenance wood.

Mr. Mount asked for clarification on the replacement of the benches. Ms. Singh clarified that the benches will primarily be repaired and any that cannot be repaired will be replaced with something matching what is at the park.

Mr. Ferraro inquired if there was a way to connect the value to community groups who could pass on stewardship from year to year. Ms. Singh provided a few community scouts and school groups that may be interested in being involved.

Mr. Mount moved to proceed with the proposal and refine the scope, and Ms. McFadden seconded. Mr. Mount called for discussion and there being none called the vote. All were in favor.

Other Business


Adjournment was at 8:19 p.m.

sheet, 4/18/2024