Roads in the Township

Allen Underkofler
Pennsylvania Turnpike – a major artery through the township.

Functional Classification of Township Roads

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State Roads

The following roads are state-owned and maintained by PennDOT.

Bodine Road (North of Foster Road)

Charlestown Road

Church Road

Coldstream Road

Conestoga Road (Route 401)

Foster Road

Hollow Road

Merlin Road

Morehall Road (Route 29)

Newcomen Road (South of Route 401)

Phoenixville Pike

Pickering Dam Road

Pikeland Road

Seven Oaks Road

State Road (Route 29)

Valley Hill Road (East of Route 401)

Whitehorse Road

Yellow Springs Road (East of Morehall Road and the Turnpike bridge)

Yellow Springs Road (North of Hollow Road)

Township Roads

Township Roads are maintained by Charlestown Township except where an adjacent township is indicated in parenthesis.

Academic Way

Aldham Road

Amwell Valley Drive

Ashenfelter Road (Schuylkill Twp)

Ashwood Drive

Battlecreek Way

Beaufort Court

Bell Circle

Benburb Road

Blackberry Lane

Blackstone Lane

Bodine Road - South of Foster Rd

Buckwalter Road

Charlestown Hunt Drive

Chautauqua Lane (Tredyffrin Twp)

Clothier Springs Rd (Schuylkill Twp)

Crestvu Road

Crown Oak Drive

Deerfield Drive

Devault Lane

Dickson Drive

Dobs Lane

Glenview Road

Grand View Drive (West Whiteland)

Great Woods Lane

Greenbriar Circle

Green Lane Road

Hedgerow Lane

Highlands Lane

Hilltop Road

Hollow Drive

Horseshoe Trail Lane (Tredyffrin)

Howell Road

Jamie Lane

Lincoln Road (E Pikeland Twp)

Loudoun Place

Marian Road

Maryhill Road

Mine Road

Newcomen Road (North of Route 401)

Oak Lane

Peakes Pike Road

Pickering Spur

Pickering Road

Pine Drive

Primrose Lane

Pyle Lane

Ravenhill Road

Rees Road

Ridgewood Road

Rosewood Lane

Sawgrass Lane

Sidley Hill Road


South Winds Lane

Southwest Avenue

Spring Meadow Farm Lane

Spring Mill Drive

Sycamore Lane

Taconic Drive

Theresa Drive

Three Ponds Lane

Tinkerhill Lane

Tinkerhill Road

Tipperary Drive

Township Line Road

Tranquility Drive

Tyrone Road

Union Hill Road

Valley Hill Road - West of 401

Warner Lane

Wells Road

Whitehorse Meadows

Windy Hollow Drive

Wyndham Lane

Yellow Springs Rd - Phx Pike to Tpk Bridge

Private Roads

Private roads are maintained by homeowners associations or individual property owners.

(Roads in boldface are the most recently added.)

Adair Lane

Aleia Lane

Alexis Lane

Alpine Way

Argus Way

Ashtree Lane

Autumn Meadow Lane

Avon Court

Azalea Lane

Barnwood Circle

Beatty Lane

Bellwood Court

Berner Lane

Beulah Heights Street

Bird Lane

Blackberry Ridge

Blenheim Hill

Brandywine Road & Court

Briar Way

Broadwater Lane

Buckwalter Farm Lane

Buckwalter Woods

Canvas Hill Drive

Carrow Lane

Chapel Way

Charwyn Lane

Chautauqua Trail

Chesterfield Lane

Constant Spring Lane

Country Lane

Deer Crossing Lane

Durram Lane

Eastwick Drive

Elizabeth Court

Fairfax Court

Fieldstone Lane

Fillippo Way

Fisher Lane

Forge Court

Friendship Lane

General Warren Blvd

Hana Lane

Hartman Run Lane

Harvey Lane

Heatherwood Drive

Hidden Hollow Court

Highland Hill Lane

Hillsover Lane

Hollow Court

Holly Hill Lane

Honeysuckle Lane

Huntingdon Court

James Otis Drive

Jeffords Court

Lady Kirby Lane

Lees Lane

Lewisville Court

Lina Lane

Lindsay Lane

Longwood Court

Lotus Lane

Major John Way

Markley Lane

McQuail Lane

Metropolitan St

Milton Drive

Moses Way

Mount Misery Lane

Mountain Laurel Lane

New Whitehorse Way

Oakbrook Court

Old Farm Lane

Pebble Drive

Pound Lane

Pyle Court

Quigley Drive

Rapps Run Drive

Regents Court

Rennaissance Lane

Rock Run Lane

Sagewood Drive

Sam Hill Road

Shady Hollow Lane

Shamrock Hill Lane

Shilling Avenue

Smith Lane

South Maranatha Avenue

Spring Oak Drive

Stewarts Court

Stone Lane

Stratford Court

Summer Meadow Lane

Sunny Hollow Lane

Swiss Lane

Tiptonbrook Lane

Tree Lane

Trevor Lane

Tudor Court

Valley Beech Lane

Valley Forest Lane

Victoria Court

Wheelock Lane

Whisper Lane

Whispering Woods Lane

Whitehorse Meadows Lane

Wild Berry Lane

Willow Creek Lane

Windfall Lane

Windsor Run

Winter Meadow Lane

Wood Valley Lane

Yorktown Road & Court

Snow Removal

Our basic snow removal policy is as follows: the major collection roads are attended to first, with the smaller residential streets following. When conditions warrant it, a mixture of road salt and anti-skid material is spread on the road in layers at the beginning and at stages throughout a storm. When snow accumulates, the roads are plowed with a single pass in each direction. After the initial plowing, the plow will return to widen the cleared area as much as possible.

Some reminders during snow events:

To avoid frustration, we recommend that you don’t shovel or plow the end of your driveway until the road is cleared.

Do not park on the street until the roads have been completely cleared.

Drive carefully at a minimum speed.

Kindly check on your neighbors who live alone.

Green stakes were placed at storm water inlets along our streets so they could be quickly located by our road crew for maintenance. If you removed any of these stakes, please replace them or ensure that the inlets they were meant to locate are kept clear of leaves, debris, snow and ice.

Be patient with us and bear in mind that our primary concern after a snow storm is to ensure that each and every road is opened for emergency vehicles. After this is accomplished, we have more time to address additional widening and complete clearing of the cul de sacs.

Check the list above for state roads maintained by PennDOT. If you have a maintenance complaint regarding a state road, you can call PennDOT’s Chester County Maintenance number at (484) 340-3200.

Township Roadmaster

For road questions and issues in Charlestown Township, our Public Works Superintendent is available to assist you at any time.

Jim Thompson

PennDOT Resources

Call PennDOT to report problems or maintenance issues with state-owned roads.

Road Fix Hotline
District 6 Customer Care Center
Chester County Maintenance Office
Pennsylvania Turnpike
PA Turnpike Milepost 312-319 (Charlestown Twp.)

Road Classification Map

Updated: March 20, 2024