PA Turnpike Widening Project

PA Turnpike 316-319 Reconstruction

Tree Clearing Began Fall, 2022

The PTC widening project from Milepost 316 to Milepost 319 is wrapping up final design and plans to advertise the job this winter. The construction will begin in March/April 2023 and will continue through 2026 for the 6-lanes to be open and into 2027 for final pond conversion and stabilization.

We currently have a tree clearing contractor cutting trees in the corridor to clear the way for the contractor to start early next year. This area of the state is subject to seasonal bat restrictions which require trees to be cut between Oct 31st and March 31st. Because of this we went with an early action project to get them cut within those timeframes allowing the contractor for the widening to start immediately in early 2023 and not have their schedule impacted by the tree clearing restrictions.

Here is a link to the PTC project website. We posted a construction update on October 31st and will continue to keep the website up to date as we start construction.

Brian F. Mostek, PE
Engineer Project Manager
Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
700 S. Eisenhower Blvd. | Middletown, PA 17057

Traffic Pattern After Widening
Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
Traffic Pattern After Widening
Updateed: February 26, 2024